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We know the challenges, opportunities, and changes that the future holds. 
We know the right speakers, hosts, and coaches. 
We help your business to break new ground, to rethink itself, and to grow.

Susanna Suorsa

Sales Director

Susanna Hagelstam

Senior Account & Int. Speakers Relations Manager

Elias Juusela MySpeaker

Elias Juusela

Senior Account Manager

Laura Vaniala MySpeaker

Laura Vaniala

Account Manager

Susanna Nieminen

Susanna Nieminen

Senior Account Manager

Erno Lokkila MySpeaker

Erno Lokkila

Senior Account Manager

Sonja Kuusela Yhteystiedot

Sonja Kuusela

Sales & Marketing Manager

Anna Sorvari MySpeaker

Anna Sorvari

Training Manager

Sebastian Wardi

Business Director


Robin Grundfelt

Video & Graphic Design

Johan Sjöstrand


Sonja Bondarenko

Sonja Bondarenko

Marketing & Speaker Relations Manager

André Noël Chaker

Technology Project Lead & Chairman of the Board

Vincent Holmberg

Vincent Holmberg

Video & Graphic Design

Christophe Buyle Profiilikuva

Christophe Buyle

Business Intelligence Specialist

Mikko Pennanen

Chief Information Officer

Mojgan Otterström

Product Owner

Katja Sillanpää MySpeaker

Katja Sillanpää

Financial Manager

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