Janna Salokangas

Janna Salokangas - Host

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Janna Salokangas radiates energy. This fresh international entrepreneur has excellent moderator, listeners and speakers skills.

Janna is an entrepreneur who has organised and hosted International high level events around the world bringing the right people together to the right place at the right time. She is at her best in social networking situations.

Janna’s ability to deliver comes from her past experience working on an international scale with larger events and productions.

As a people person Janna understands the power of human connection. Janna has a dynamic, empathic and natural sensibility that makes her a fascinating presenter.

Janna fits well as a host and moderator in both live and virtual events and specialises in panel discussions, fireside chats and business talks. Her colourful background as an event creator and writer ensures that she delivers on time in an energetic rhythm with a memorable closing.

Topics that interests Janna the most would be; Future awareness/ Next Gen, Learning and Entrepreneurship.

Janna’s aim is to raise awareness for important topics using her wide network and events skills.

Janna has founded an international brand activation and event agency in Finland. As a creative entrepreneur she is also a founding partner of the Awareness Lounge – A platform creating awareness for important global topics and meta trends through futuristic events, human connection and discussions.

What if we could realise tomorrow’s potential today?

Certainly an important question, one of many, which Janna feels is worth exploring.

Janna Salokangas

Janna Salokangas

Yrittäjä, | Juontaja | Puhuja

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