Adam Greenfield - Keynote Speaker

Expert in Smart Cities, Urban Design and Emergent Technologies

Adam Greenfield is a world-renowned urbanist, leading “smart cities” sceptic, and passionate advocate for the human-centred design of technological systems. He is one of the world’s foremost thinkers on urban environments.  Adam has spoken about his ideas on how big technological shifts affect us psychologically and societally. As a keynote speaker, Adam provides discussion provoking and insightful content that is of interest on an individual level and businesswise. A revered urbanist and experienced technology expert, Adam Greenfield has spoken across the world about his different alternatives to smart cities, and how urbanisation and technology go hand in hand. He is able to translate his research into applicable keynote speeches for corporate events, educational institutes, and conferences, leaving every audience member more knowledgable and inspired to spark discussion.

With over a decade and a half in the technology industry, Adam Greenfield brings a detailed understanding of the way networked information technologies are designed, developed and brought to market to his consideration of the challenges facing today’s cities. Founder and managing director of Urbanscale, Adam’s career experience led him to develop the company in 2010. As a smart city skeptic, he instead focuses on human-centered design with regards to products, services, and urban planning. With his beliefs at the center of Urbanscale, the company works on both long and short term consulting projects to develop designs that benefit everyone living, working and experiencing world cities. During his talks, he elaborates on how all businesses should strive for an ultimate user experience above all else.

In 2013, Adam Greenfield was awarded the inaugural Senior Urban Fellowship at the LSE Cities centre of the London School of Economics, put Urbanscale on hold, and relocated to the United Kingdom. Greenfield continues his research on the interaction of networked information technology with urban experience, and particularly on the implications of emergent technologies for the construction of public space and the right to the city. Adam is the author of the groundbreaking Everyware: The dawning age of ubiquitous computing, the first general-audience book on what is now called the Internet of Things, and the 2013 Against the smart city, which makes a strong case against the prevailing smart-city vision as fundamentally unsuitable to the nature and complexity of urban life. His most recent book was Radical Technologies: The Design of Everyday Life, a field manual to the blockchain, 3D printing, machine learning, AI and the other technologies that are transforming our lives, came out in 2017.

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Adam Greenfield

Expert in Smart Cities, Urban Design and Emergent Technologies

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