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Allister Frost - Keynote Speaker

Future Ready Mindset Expert and former Microsoft Leader

Allister Frost was Microsoft’s first ever Head of Digital Marketing Strategy, helping steer the software giant towards new ways to connect with customers and generate new business. Having lived through the highs and lows of digital transformation, Allister now shares rich insights into the mindset and skills we need to thrive in a very different tomorrow.

You Need a Future Ready Mindset

Allister Frost is a Future Ready Mindset expert and the creator of ‘5 Steps to Success in a World of Change.’ This simple framework helps leaders and their teams weaponize change so they can leap ahead of competitors.

The pace of progress in our world is proof of technology’s relentless advance. That’s why business transformation has become an endless challenge for many of us. Yet only around one in three managers (36%, source: Gartner) believe their employees are capable of keeping pace with future skill needs.

In his talks and workshops, Frost demonstrates how to keep up with change, how to pick winning ideas, and how to unleash your beginner’s mind and creativity to spark an unstoppable cycle of positive change.

“Allister’s keynote gave us just the high energy start we needed.”
Claire Stibbon, UK Sport / Team GB

Frost’s ideology is heavily informed by his career move from the traditional, well-established world of Kimberly-Clark into the experimental and fast-growth ambitions of Microsoft. He experienced the differences first-hand and had to develop his own coping strategies to keep up with relentless change so he could make smarter bets on which future opportunities to back.

As Frost likes to remind his audiences, “your change requires you to change.” Packed with encouraging advice and practical tips, he inspires his audience to find the courage and self-belief to make immediate changes to their ways of working and to shift their focus from the near-term to how they will create a brighter future of fresh possibilities. His goal is to help everyone realise their full lifetime potential by creating their future today.

“Allister Frost always leaves a lasting impression of positivity and self-belief. He’s been our highest rated speaker of the season for two years in a row.”
Dunja Ballon, CEO Hura!

Allister Frost is a sought-after keynote speaker at events around the world and has inspired audiences at the BBC, 3M, GE, Worldpay, and Vodafone. A Chartered Marketer, he brings a unique energy to his talks, inspiring his audiences to rediscover their enthusiasm for the new and make relentless change their BFF (best friend forever!).

“Allister did a fabulous job! We’ve heard rave reviews and are thrilled with the impact of his message.”
Tracy Sheridan, Autodesk USA


Allister’s most sought-after Keynote Topics: 

“5 Steps to Success in a World of Change”
Allister shows how the accelerating pace of change creates magical opportunities for economy-bursting growth, with practical tips to ignite curiosity, unlock open-minded thinking, and future-proof our approach to work and play. Just ‘5 Steps’ and some fun, new habits for a lifetime of success in our world of accelerating change.

“The Self-Disruption Plan for Lifelong Success”
A roadmap for long-term career survival, thriving in ambiguity, and safely navigating the new world of work

“How to Up Your Persuasiveness in our Digital World”
Expertise to help dial up the impact of communication messages, with lessons from behavioural science, psychology, and real-world experience growing global brands


“We heard about a cleaning robot, bubbles, and toilet paper! Lots of valuable insights, with jokes and funny digressions. Such a charismatic presenter.”
Anna Truchta, Empressia Software House


Available for in-person keynote performances, masterclasses and virtual talks from his UK-based production studio, Allister Frost is an experienced, award-winning speaker, ideal for when you need to fire up your audience to think differently and embrace exciting new ways of working and winning.


Popular topics: The Future of Marketing | Digital & Content Marketing | Emerging and Future Online Marketing Techniques | The Secret Psychology of Inbound Marketing | Behavioural Economics | Social Business Reorganisation | Creativity

Allister Frost profile

Allister Frost

Future Ready Mindset Expert and former Microsoft Leader

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