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Each moment at work, you communicate – with your word choices, during breaks, with your email greetings, and your body language during your presentation for the board. Many of us don’t even think about it. But, becoming more conscious about how we communicate is the foundation to a more fun, kind, and more productive work life.

Ami Hemviken is a human behaviorist and is one of the most popular speakers in Sweden. She has won prizes such as Speaker of the Year and Most booked speaker in Sweden. Her way of making contact with the audience is unique, and give you both laughters and share insights about human behaviors, communication, and leadership.

Ami Hemviken released her book “Nå in, nå fram, nå igenom” (English: “Reach in, Reach Ahead, Reach Through”) in 2020. A book that gives you an insight into the most important aspects of communication, if we want to improve it. The book is full of advice and tools to use for smoother handling of situations at work where communication is at the center.

Ami’s motto is: It’s not the thought that counts. She wants to challenge you to actually do something.

Popular topics: It’s not the thought that counts | Reach in, Reach Ahead, Reach Through


Ami Hemviken

Keynote Speaker | Author

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