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Former Prime Minister of Denmark & Former NATO Secretary General

Anders Fogh Rasmussen has been at the centre of global and European politics; as the former Prime Minister of Denmark, Danish Minister of Economic Affairs and NATO Secretary General. Anders now runs, Rasmussen Global, and is non-staff adviser to Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko. Since 2019 Anders is Strategic Advisor at Concordium, the world’s first identity-validating, regulatory compliant blockchain network.

In 2017 Anders founded The Alliance of Democracies, which is dedicated to the advancement of democracy and free markets across the globe. In his earlier career, Anders has played a key role throughout his various tenures; when Denmark held the Presidency of the European Union he concluded 10 candidate negotiations for accession to EU membership. As part of NATO he helped create a fundamental transformation of the Alliance, developing a new Strategic Concept, setting core priorities for the future. In the midst of the most serious economic crisis of modern times he launched a new initiative calling on nations for more multinational cooperation.

What he offers you

It is Anders’ experience and achievements along with his outstanding abilities which makes him recognised as a hugely respected voice in global politics. Anders gives unique insights into geopolitical trends and international hotspots. He also shares solutions to the current international security challenges and discusses blockchain technology with great clarity. Drawing on his skills as an effective communicator, Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s presentations engage worldwide audiences keen to hear his unique perspective on a variety of current issues.

In 2016 Anders published the book The Will to Lead – America’s Indispensable Role in the Global Fight for Freedom

“Barriers across nations and between leaders and voters have been removed by technology.”

Popular topics: Geopolitical Trends and International Hot Spots | International Security Challenges | Geopolitical Changes - Europe's Role | Leadership in a Troubled World | Technology: New Frontiers in the Battle for Global Leadership | Influence of Technology on Geopolitics

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Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Former Prime Minister of Denmark & Former NATO Secretary General

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