Andy Pag - Keynote Speaker

Sustainability Speaker & Innovative Eco-Adventurer

Eco-adventurer, reporter and speaker, Andy Pag is an engineer and expert in environmental and sustainability issues and an award-winning investigative journalist. An excellent storyteller, Andy has his audience gripped from the start of his presentations until the very end, and he will give them the encouragement to change their lifestyles in order to become more sustainable themselves.

With a passion for sustainability and a love of big engines, Andy Pag is constantly reconciling opposing pressures. As a BBC reporter who spent two years driving around the world in an old school bus solely powered by used cooking oil, he went that bit further and turned it into a home using reclaimed materials.

Andy is an award-winning TV reporter, often seen bringing both news and hard-hitting investigations to viewers across Northern Ireland. Having won silver for Best Documentary in the PPI Radio Awards, Andy’s influential presentation style is known to be engaging yet extremely informative. His down-to-earth and friendly nature allows him to speak candidly about some of the most pressing environmental issues.

When at corporate events and conferences, Andy discusses his research and experimental expeditions into travelling sustainably, as well as drawing from his own experiences and film footage from his adventures around the globe – from being shot at by Senegalese bandits to being presented with Ferrero Roche by the British Ambassador in Athens – He has a plethora of fascinating anecdotes and stories to tell.

Continuously searching for more sustainable ways to live and travel, Andy Pag is constantly taking on more experimental expeditions, bringing to the forefront possible alternatives and the importance of changing ideologies in order to create a more sustainable environment for all.

Popular topics: Reality of sustainability | Staying Motivated in Tough Times - It's not easy being green | Teamwork and Engaging with Communities Across Cultures | Embracing Change | Travel & Transport | Science, Technology & Engineering

Andy Pag

Sustainability Speaker & Innovative Eco-Adventurer

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