Anthony Bennett - Keynote Speaker

Exceptional, Inspirational Speaker and Ex-Patient who has overcome three life-threatening infections

The incredible Anthony Bennett has overcome three life-threatening infections with a 10% chance of surviving, and now he shares his inspirational story about the power of teamwork at corporations, schools and in the healthcare sector around the globe. His positive message uplifts and offers audience members means of overcoming adversity. Anthony Bennett is engaging and passionate, and his audience is left with a changed attitude and desire to work together to achieve success

It was 2006 at Disneyland Paris when speaker Anthony Bennett suddenly felt like he couldn’t understand the people around him and felt that his brain wasn’t working right. Doctors quickly found out he had caught three life-threatening infections, and his life changed forever. Anthony was resuscitated 12 times and spent seven weeks in the hospital before making a full recovery after re-learning little things like touching his nose, eating, and sitting up straight. Today, he shares his inspirational story about the incredible team of doctors, nurses, surgeons, nutritionists, and cleaners that came together to save his life. His testimony speaks volumes of perception and gratefulness. Speaker Anthony Bennetts’ story continues to inspire audience members across the globe as he shows his dedication to overcoming adversity and claiming gratitude within your life.

Anthony is known for his positive outlook. He continues to motivate and inspire everyone, from high school students to nurses to CEO’s. Corporations book Anthony because of his ability to connect teams and find strengths. Lastly, clients from the healthcare sector book him to get insight into his incredible story full of teamwork and ‘true superpowers’. Anyone can benefit from an inspiring and motivating keynote by Anthony! He likes to customize his keynotes to the specific event, and audience and below are some of his most popular topics.

Popular topics: The Power of Teamwork | Dealing with Setbacks | Discovering your Superpower | Maintaining Motivation | Resilience

Anthony Bennett

Exceptional, Inspirational Speaker and Ex-Patient who has overcome three life-threatening infections

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