Anton Backman

Co-Founder of Robin Capital

Anton is the Co-Founder of investment firm Robin Capital. Robin Capital is the first venture capital firm in the Nordics solely focused on blockchain technology. Currently, he also sits on the boards of chat-gaming startup Quicksave Interactive and Bright Star Studios, a game company utilising blockchain technology for game development.

Previously, Anton was on the investment team of Play Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm focused on the video game industry. Anton’s path into early-stage technology investing began during his university studies, as he was one of the Co-Founders of Wave Ventures. Wave Ventures is the Nordic’s first student-driven venture capital firm and invests actively into new startups arising from the local university ecosystems. Anton first came in contact with blockchain technology through his active gaming background. During the past couple of years, he has researched the technology and its development actively.

Anton lectures on the technology’s background, current state, and how it will enable the creation of fully Internet-based companies. The Robin Capital team sees that the prevailing perception of blockchain does not correspond to the current state of the technology, which Is why few people are interested in understanding its long-term potential. The core idea is not about virtual- or cryptocurrencies, but rather about a new way of building Internet-services on top of open databases. As blockchain technology is inherently about Internet-based services and marketplaces, Robin Capital sees that the most valuable companies in the future will be completely Internet-native. These Internet-native companies are registered, built, and owned directly on the Internet.

Popular topics: Blockchain Technology and Internet-Native Companies | Why Blockchain Unlocks Innovation

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Anton Backman

Co-Founder of Robin Capital

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