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Antti Niittyviita - Keynote Speaker

CEO, Testguru, Author, Entrepreneur

Antti Niittyviita is a 2M influencer, a 4M€ entrepreneur, a Spartan Racer and a two time author whose books include Confidence Unleashed and Storytools of Testing. During his journey as an entrepreneur, Antti has met with more than 3100 people in one-to-one discussions about how to create excellence. He is also the founder of Kaizenhour, the outstanding personal development system for achievers.


Though best known as a speaker and highly regarded trainer, Antti is on speed dial as an advisor and coach to software project excellence in terms of leadership and quality for many leading companies in Finland. His company Prove focuses on quality in software projects.


In his books and many talks Antti shares his perilous journey of founding a business at the worst time of the millenium. Through the financial crisis and adversities that followed he ended up as a CEO by accident. Becoming a leader of a company that was two weeks away from bankruptcy forced Antti on an expedition to figure out how to turn the business around. The lessons learned during this expedition not only helped the business survive, but has made it thrive in the uncertain times of today.

Seven most requested themes:
* Sales as a way to generate growing cash flows
* Marketing and attention in scaling up businesses
* Building winning products and services
* Time management skills in creating results as individuals or teams
* Leading people towards success and happiness
* Communicating with impact in business and life
* Helping a business to survive and thrive

Because have a unique event coming up, Antti always crafts the title and the content of his talks to match specifically your style and audience. Antti’s talks are best known for his high energy, inspiring and entertaining style that engages and excites the audience.


Antti’s References:

“A true leader is one who has mastered the effectiveness of taking action with the passion that magnetically engages people to enthusiastically grow his mission. Antti is this leader. To read this book is to choose to be infused by his Passion for Excellence!” – Gaia Ferreira, Author, Keynote Speaker, Coach

“What I love about Antti is that he is the type of person who makes the world a better place. His amazing energy shines through and is contagious!” -Jari Sarasvuo, Epic Entrepreneur, Mentor

“Even though, he is an engineer, Antti has some profound insight to humanity, entrepreneurship, marketing and personal development” -Tiina Räisänen, CEO of Digital Oulu Events & Verkkoasema


Popular topics: Revenue is the Byproduct of Quality | The Paradox of Quality Assurance | Building Blocks of Mastery | Success is the Byproduct of Consistency | Halflife of Awesome | How to Create Awesome Products?

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Antti Niittyviita

CEO, Testguru, Author, Entrepreneur

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