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Big Bold Goals stretch what we believe is possible. When we set big bold goals, we also build a plan grounded in reality to achieve it. Caspar’s obsession is with what it takes to set, tackle and achieve big bold goals, and the leadership and teamwork needed to deliver them.

He understands, firsthand, the importance of putting people first in order to achieve big bold goals. He understands because he has made every mistake in the book on the way to achieving a number of big bold goals. He has truly lived what he talks about.


Caspar’s Popular Topics for 2023

How to Think As A Leader
Winning in Adversity
Think Big, Think Bold
The Future of Leadership
Winning Together
High-Performance Teamwork for Audacious Goals
Building Resilient Teams


A regular speaker at corporate events and conferences around the world both in person and virtually, Caspar leaves audiences feeling energised, and with powerful takeaways that they can use immediately both at work and home. Actioning ideas is crucial as we adapt to today’s rapidly changing world.


“We were blown away by his charismatic presentation and experience in achieving Big Bold Goals with a human touch. Caspar was exceptional to work with. He hit the perfect balance between strategy and making it real for the team. We loved it!”

-Louisa Newlove, Head of Field Sales at Suntory


Caspar’s talks are story led which will take you on a journey where you can turn the impossible into the possible, leaving your team inspired and fired up for the times ahead, ready, willing, and able to achieve your big bold goals.


“I have organised and attended many speaking engagements in the past, but none have come close to being as engaging. Caspar managed to grip the attention of Burberry colleagues from all over the globe with his captivating stories and easy-to-follow practical steps deemed “worth their weight in gold” by the leadership team.”

-Hannah Maxted, Senior Internal Communications Manager at Burberry


A wide range of personal experiences began with his time as an entrepreneur building and selling businesses, as an executive in large companies and also from having twice sailed around the world.

His obsession with the leadership and teamwork needed to achieve big bold goals has taken him on a journey to research, study, interview, and learn from the most successful and audacious leaders on the planet, and the science and psychology that explains audacious leadership. Success leaves clues and it’s the patterns and observations he’s found together with his own lived experiences that he shares with audiences.


Popular topics: Big Bold Goals, Achieve the Impossible, Be More Human - Rethinking the Rules of High-Performance Teamwork, Adapting in times of crisis

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Caspar Craven

The High-Performance Teamwork Specialist

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