Christoffer Weiss - Keynote Speaker

Audiovisual Alchemist

Christoffer Weiss is a dynamic and energetic speaker who has an extensive experience in the event world, spanning over 17 years, as a producer, speaker and as a participant.

With over 300 produced events, in about 40 countries, on six continents, Christoffer has received over 1000 presentations, from beginners all the way to some of the best speakers in the world, so he has seen what works, and what doesn’t.

As a professional actor with a degree from the Theatre Academy in Helsinki, Christoffer Weiss has a solid background as a performer and can adapt to any role, any audience in any situation.

Christoffer is also an experienced host, moderator and PR-person with well over one hundred events in his back pocket.

In addition to a “Bachelor in Acting” degree, Christoffer has also earned a “NLP Master Practitioner” and “Kundalini Reiki Master” certification and is a Registered Yoga Teacher and the world’s first “Authorized Aivobic Instructor”

Christoffer’s entrepreneurial history includes several successful company ownerships and partnerships in both Finland and abroad.

“My mission is to ensure nobody needs to attend poorly organised events and listen to boring presentations”

Popular topics: Creating the perfect presentation deck | The Actor’s way – create the roles of your life | Natural presenting on stage and for camera

Christoffer Weiss

Christoffer Weiss

Audiovisual Alchemist

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