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David JP Phillips is an internationally recognized lecturer, author and coach in modern presentation techniques, body language and communication. His training and materials are based on neuroscience and biology, which means that his lectures, workshops and trainings are very practical and motivating.

For 7 years, David has studied thousands of speakers, both amateurs and professionals, to identify in detail every single technique a presenter can use to get their message across. In this way, he has picked up lessons, tips and insights that he shares in his lectures. With his knowledge and passion in the subject, he has become a leading figure in the art of making presentations in an exciting and captivating way. The book “How to avoid Death by PowerPoint” has been sold to 30 countries and is completely ground-breaking in its message.

Many recognize him from his three TEDx talks, which have received over five million views, or through the online platform he built for digital communication training.


David’s most sought-after keynotes:

The Magical Science of Storytelling

Storytelling is arguably the most powerful tool in leadership, sales, marketing, teaching – yes, almost any situation where communication is important. What really sets this lecture apart from others is the ever-recurring scientific perspective, which ensures that the participants themselves can make practical use of the knowledge.

This talk is tailored for leaders, salespeople, educators and anyone who uses storytelling. Those who work with some kind of conviction or whose job involves making others remember things. The lecture is entertaining and everyone takes something away!

How to avoid Death by PowerPoint

An ever-relevant keynote with a lot of recognition. According to a Swedish study, PowerPoint is used for 92% of all presentations. Of these, the employees considered that 81% were really bad. Why is it like that? PowerPoint is actually a very good visual aid, but only when used correctly.

Popular topics: How to avoid Death by PowerPoint | The Magical Science of Storytelling


David JP Phillips

Lecturer | Coach | Author

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