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Emilia’s motivational speech helps the listener to support and build sustainable well-being and thereby harness the full potential. The building blocks of sustainable well-being are always individual and you can only find your own inner, body and mind by listening to them. In her inspiring speeches, Emilia combines her own story, science, emotions, and actionable examples and advice that motivate her to find her own way to holistic well-being, taking care of herself and coping. Emilia encourages the listener to walk boldly and listen to herself towards things that are relevant. In her lectures, she gives the listener concrete advice on how to increase well-being and thereby achieve goals.

Emilia Vuorisalmi is a doctor, entrepreneur and author who speaks to audiences about holistic well-being, the power of creativity, courage and faith in one’s own dreams. In addition to her career as a doctor, Emilia has boldly and purposefully set out to carry out her own projects, written a book and ended up realizing her biggest dreams through surprising paths.

Emilia encourages her listeners to walk boldly and listen to herself towards what she truly wants to do in her life and what produces joy. In her lectures, she gives the listener concrete advice on how to increase own well-being and thereby contribute to the achievement of goals. Emilia’s motivational lecture on holistic and sustainable well-being delves into Emilia’s 12 theses on holistic well-being. Emilia’s 12 theses deal with well-being through the addition of well-being hormones that affect our minds. By what means do you add dopamine, serotonin and oxytonin to your daily routine? These building blocks of well-being include e.g. relevance, creativity, dreams, order, appreciation, presence and gratitude.


In addition to holistic well-being, Emilia speaks through her own story “Courage, Freedom, Dreams” about believing in dreams, courage, knowing and listening to oneself, and the power of creativity. Emilia’s motivating and inspiring speech is a story of courage, belief in dreams, the power of presence, and the importance of listening to yourself.

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Emilia Vuorisalmi

Doctor | Writer

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