Emma Kimiläinen - Keynote Speaker

Professional racing driver | Entrepreneur

Emma Kimiläinen starting her racing career at the age of 3. She is also a business woman and a mother. She is popular radio host and F1 commentator for MTV Sport. Emma is a sought-after host for sports and racing broadcasts and events and she is also a predictive driving instructor for the Finnish Road Safety Council.

Emma Kimiläinen is also an inspiring speaker. Her most popular talk, Into the Fire, is a story about preconceived ideas and how they can be turned into a resource, teamwork in racing (four rules: know the people you work with, engage them, praise/respect them and always do a bit more yourself), happiness and mental balance (success comes from happiness, not vice versa), practical tools used in sports for time and stress management, how to free yourself from anxiety and the fear of failure, and about stress relief and learning to focus.

The moral of Emma’s story is that no matter how many setbacks you suffer, your only option is to try again.

Popular topics: Teamwork | Turn your preconceptions into a resource | How we manage stress and uncertainty in sports | Time management

Emma Kimiläinen

Emma Kimiläinen

Professional racing driver | Entrepreneur

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