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Expert on Inclusion, Leadership Development and Cross-Cultural Collaboration

Frank Garten is an expert on intercultural communication and management. As the author of several books on intercultural communication and a popular speaker and trainer, he knows that great workplaces are built on high-quality conversations.

Frank has worked in technical, commercial, and general management positions in Philips and NXP, gaining practical insight into cooperation between people from different cultural backgrounds. He has traveled extensively across the world, built up business in China and Japan, negotiated in the US and Brazil, and improved collaboration between almost all European cultures, including the – often misunderstood – Finnish culture.


“Frank has a suitcase full of world-wide experience and this is noticeable. His observational and communication skills reflect in everything, even in the way he adjusts the training ad hoc depending on the group’s needs and energy. The content is widely applicable and, as far as I’m concerned, essential for anyone who works with people. Interesting statistics, memorable stories, funny examples and insightful exercises, eyeopeners regarding own behavior, cultural differences and cooperation in general are guaranteed.” -Aster Katoen, Product Development Engineer at Sonion


In his daily work Frank helps professionals become stronger, more effective and achieve optimal results through meaningful dialogue. Just like he built up his career on a strong start in science, he likes to base his work on solid insights and well-proven methods. Frank understands business, simplifies what others perceive as complex, and comes up with practical solutions to improve communication at the work floor. It has been said that he speaks ”engineering and science” in an easily understandable way to a wide audience. He rapidly builds up trust in groups such that they open up and dare to speak about meaningful things. He challenges and confronts, with an empathetic smile and a results-oriented mindset.


“Within minutes, Frank succeeds to capture his audience and takes them on a fascinating journey into the wonderful world of different cultures and habits. An eye-opener for all working frequently with people from other cultures.” – Nicole Biesheuvel, Head of Corporate Sales and Marketing, Benelux at Schenker Logistics


Frank shifted his focus recently to Inclusion & Diversity, on which he has a practical – yet unconventional – view. His book about creating inclusive workplaces will come out in Q3 2023, and Frank already speaks about the content of the book at company gatherings and HR meetings.


Frank’s most sought-after topics include:

  • Inclusion and Diversity
  • Helping companies understand how to work better across cultures
  • International negotiation, the tips, tricks, and tactics of negotiating across cultures
  • Leading across human differences


Frank Garten has been working for the last 15 years as an independent consultant, and gives interactive lectures, talks, and workshops on cultural diversity, cross-cultural cooperation, communication & influence, personal leadership, and inclusion. He combines a sound theoretical basis from a PhD in Physics, practical insights from his years working in international businesses and a no-nonsense attitude with common sense.


Frank’s talks and lectures stand out for their practical focus and concrete advice. Should you copy your superiors on an email? Do you present conclusions first or last when giving a talk to management? How do you discuss the undiscussable at work? Should you act confidently or with modesty in first interactions with colleagues, suppliers, clients, and partners from across the world?


Popular topics: "I'm very tolerant of differences" - A keynote on diversity and inclusion, challenging the view that nobody thinks they are part of the problem, let alone the solution | "I'm the rule, they are the exception" - A keynote on cross-cultural differences, where we all see our own cultural programming is normal, and see other cultures as weird and ineffective | "Yes, but... I'm right, not you" - A keynote on defensive responses at work | “I want to be more inclusive, but I have no clue how to do that” – A thought-provoking keynote in which we de-bunk corporate nonsense on DEI and replace it with practical tips.

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Frank Garten

Expert on Inclusion, Leadership Development and Cross-Cultural Collaboration

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