Geoff Burch - Keynote Speaker

The World's Most Persuasive Man' | Keynote Speaker | Best Selling Author | International Consultant

Geoff Burch, irreverent, humorous and brilliant keynote speaker, best selling business author and international consultant for major corporations, is now tackling the most challenging business topics that face us today.

Geoff has a wealth of experience in illustrating the thinking required to find business success. He is equally at ease delivering presentations at conferences, and as a highly amusing after dinner speaker. Geoff covers everything from sales and negotiation to customer care and how they can be improved.

Geoff makes business fun, he is very, very funny, but beneath his acerbic humour and his wonderful lampooning of a variety of absurd characterisations, lies a strong and unforgettable business message. The more fun he can make his presentations, the more memorable and successful they are. Whether it is sales, customer awareness, or change management, Geoff will fire up any team from senior directors, a gathering of international business people, to mass gatherings of ground floor and front line staff with his enthusiasm for the subject, in a way only a true fanatical genius can.

Geoff Burch is one of the alltime original business gurus. Author of the iconic and highly regarded book on sales ‘Resistance is Useless’ and five other best selling business titles, Geoff is also a regular business presenter on BBC television and radio.

He is also the winner of the title Business Communicator of the Year, so you can be confident that you, your people, and your event, are in safe hands.

Popular topics: Inspiring Authentic Leadership and Managing Remote Teams | Improving the Customer Experience | How to Sell When Nobody's Buying | Increasing Sales in a Post-Covid World | Survive, Thrive and Revive | From Surviving to Thriving | Blitz that Business - Putting the Energy and Good Humour Back into Business | The Comeback Tour or Back to Work

Geoff Burch

The World's Most Persuasive Man' | Keynote Speaker | Best Selling Author | International Consultant

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