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Dr. Henri Tuomilehto is one of the rare full-time sleep physicians in the world. Besides clinical work he has been involved with sleep research for the last 15 years. He works with everyone from Finnair pilots to elite professional athletes – helping them use sleep to optimize all aspects of their lives. Tuomilehto has studied and coached over 1,000 of the world’s top professional athletes, including the NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets helping players to improve their sleep aiming at better recovery and thus, enhanced performance.

Keynote lectures – Henri Tuomilehto is also extremely distinguished lecturer. Furthermore, he is working currently with numerous top-corporations in Finland to promote better working capacity management aiming at improved work ability and vitality by risk evaluation, active prevention and when necessary treatment of already existing sleep disorders.

Dr. Henri is Founder and Medical Director of currently seven sleep clinics in Finland treating 1000+ patients annually. He is a pioneer in combining the triangle of healthy nutrition, regular exercise and restoring sleep in his clinical practice. In fact, the first randomized study to show that healthy lifestyle can improve sleep, even cure an existing sleep disorder, was led by Adjunct Professor Henri Tuomilehto. Henri was elected 2018 among the Top100 most influential persons in Medicine in Finland. Just recently, he has published a book “Sleep to Succeed”, which was nominated the Best Wellbeing book 2020 by FitAwards.

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Henri Tuomilehto

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