Henrik Tötterman - Keynote Speaker

President and CEO LEADX3M | Professor of Practice HULT | Teaching Faculty HARVARD

Henrik Tötterman is an international business leader, professor and speaker with more than 20 years of experience in building organizations and managing change, both as an entrepreneur and as a business leader. He is extremely experienced in creating, implementing and adapting global strategies in a highly competitive and demanding environment. Henrik also has a lot of experience building teams and ensuring their success.

As a serial entrepreneur, Henrik Tötterman’s business experience in leadership and strategy also lays the foundation for his academic career and hands-on teaching. Henrik previously worked for 8 years as the dean of the rapidly globalizing, recently triple-accredited Hult International Business School in Boston. Henrik will now continue as an award-winning and respected professor at Hult University, teaching at Harvard University and advising clients as CEO of Leadx3m LLC. In addition, he serves on the international advisory boards of Ascendus, a U.S. small business financier, as well as Hanken.

Popular topics: Intrapreneurial Leadership in MNE's | People and Clients Before Strategy | Creating High-Performance Digital Workplaces | Fostering Stoic Determination in Your Business

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Henrik Tötterman

President and CEO LEADX3M | Professor of Practice HULT | Teaching Faculty HARVARD

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