Igor Beuker - Keynote Speaker

Leading Voice On Emerging Trends In Marketing, Media & Innovation

Igor Beuker is known for his foresight and great expertise on technologies and trends that impact our economies, businesses and societies. His radical vision and reliable voice is a great inspiration for audiences all over the world as they love his bold, authentic and witty personality.

Advertising may win quarters – but innovation wins decades. That has been Igor’s claim for 25 years. Global business leaders labelled him as one of the most influential and innovative marketing speakers in Europe. For almost three decades at C-level, speaker Igor Beuker advised more than 100 global brands like Amazon, L’Oreal and Unilever. As a top trendwatcher, he creates and drives innovation programs for Fortune 500 companies, China, Egypt, Israel, World Economic Forum, and the European Union.

As an energetic professional speaker Igor Beuker inspired more than 4 million people from over 100 countries. After more than 2000 talks for top brands, he still speaks 150 times per year – and never the same talk twice. Audiences love his bold, charismatic, authentic and witty personality and describe him as the “Burning Man meets TED”. Moreover, Igor has also been featured as an expert on emerging marketing, media and innovation trends on television, newspapers, different business magazines and radio shows.

Unlike many other great speakers or best-selling authors, Igor doesn’t just speak or write about trends, he coins them. Audiences respect his track record as a business builder. The trends and technology expert has a vision of inspiring the idea that people can use technology to be a great force of good as opposing the villain and monster it is so often portrayed as. Documenting the fact that through the use of technology, we can cure diseases and save the environment in addition to expedite education and exchange knowledge, Igor is determined to spread the crucial message that technology has the ability to create equal opportunities for everyone on Earth, something that prior to the existence of technology would never have been possible!

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Igor Beuker

Leading Voice On Emerging Trends In Marketing, Media & Innovation

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