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Customer Centricity Advisor | Keynote Speaker | Author of Journey to Centricity

Ilenia Vidili is a customer centricity advisor, author and keynote speaker.

Her mission is to help businesses achieve a competitive advantage by becoming more customer-centric — helping them to think differently, streamline processes, turn product mentalities into people mentalities, and create more value for their customers. For over a decade she conducted corporate marketing for NEC, Bayer, ARM and a broad range of start-ups, where she realised that the gaps between companies and their stakeholders were far too wide. Through keynote speeches and workshops she has inspired leaders and C-level executives of the likes of Coca-Cola, L’Oréal, KLM, and Harrods. She has also lectured at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge and other universities around the world.

Having lived and worked in many countries, she holds a global perspective on today’s crucial business challenges. Ilenia believe that there has never been a more critical time for change and advises decision makers to connect their minds and hearts when leading businesses.

Her most sought-after topics include:

Your Journey to Customer Centricity:
Based on my critically acclaimed book, Journey to Centricity, this talk explains how to become a more customer centric organisation built on three distinct pillars: Humanity, Technology and Culture.

Creating the Company of the Future:
As capitalism continues to evolve, the companies that will be most successful in the future are the ones that deliver superior value to their customers, employees and society, more broadly by striving for a higher purpose, creating value for all stakeholders, and connecting with people on a deeper level. Drawing on the latest research and inspiring real-world examples, this talk shows you how to make this future a reality.

Digital Transformation Begins with the Customer:
Companies are investing tremendous resources in digital transformation initiatives. Yet, while technology ultimately only exists to serve human ends, many of these programs are not grounded in a deep appreciation of customer or employee needs. This talk shows you how to craft digital transformation programs that deliver real results by keeping the customer and employee experience front and centre.


Audiences describe her keynotes as very engaging and inspiring. In particular, they enjoy how she uses storytelling and analogies to breathe life into business concepts. Ilenia also involves participants — encouraging dialogue and discussion, and providing practical techniques they could apply to their work immediately.

Driven by bringing humanity to business, her aim is to see a brighter future – where companies embrace a higher purpose, create value for all stakeholders and contribute positively to society.

Ilenia is the author of Journey to Centricity: a customer-centric framework for the era of stakeholder capitalism, a definitive roadmap for leaders to transform into truly customer-centric companies.


Popular topics: Your Journey to Customer Centricity | Creating the Company of the Future | Digital Transformation Begins with the Customer

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Ilenia Vidili

Customer Centricity Advisor | Keynote Speaker | Author of Journey to Centricity

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