Jessica Sansom - Keynote Speaker

Sustainability Director of Huel | Former Head Of Sustainability At Innocent Drinks | Former Sustainability Supply Manager for McDonald's

Jessica is a sustainability professional who spends her time agitating, motivating, and convincing companies to move to sustainable business models. Jessica is a leading professional specialising in sustainability and has spearheaded the continual push for a more sustainable future. Having worked for top consumer goods companies, such as Innocent Drinks and McDonald’s, Jessica has developed her expertise in sustainable practices and is passionate to see actionable change for the environment. As a speaker, Jessica is booked to speak on how to make business more sustainable as well as the best practices of business management from her time with industry-leading companies.

Now regularly booked as a speaker for corporate events, Jessica recently contributed to the European Startup Festival 2020 as a keynote speaker and has delivered countless speeches throughout her career. As a speaker, Jessica is sought to cover topics such as sustainable leadership, corporate social responsibility, futureproofing business models and ethics. Recognised by Forbes Magazine and the Ethical Corporation, Jessica Sansom is a passionate environmentalist with the mission for a sustainable future at the heart of all her speeches.

She is the former Head of Sustainability at innocent drinks, where she was led the company’s commitment to become a highly successful model of sustainable capitalism – working to negate major impact areas, engage and motivate employees, influence supply chain and industry, and developing a business model to proactively address global sustainability challenges and ensure the long term viability of the business.

Innocent’s work on sustainability has been recognised with a number of awards including the Guardian Sustainable Business Award, the ASDA Sustainable Brand Award, the Rainforest Alliance Frog, and the Business in the Community Big Tick Award.

As Sustainability Manager at McDonald’s, she led numerous projects for their UK, European and Global operations, including the initiation of their sustainable supply chain programme and environmental management programmes for the restaurants.

Jessica is now the Sustainability Director for Huel, working on their quest to offer a food solution for the future. She is developing their sustainable nutrition program, to provide food solutions that offer complete nutrition with minimal environmental impacts. Through their work Huel want to raise consumer awareness of the role of food in tackling global sustainability and health crises.

Popular topics: Sustainability | Ethics | The Environment | Futureproofing your Business Model | Sustainability Leadership | Sustainable Nutrition | Corporate Social Responsibility

Jessica Sansom

Sustainability Director of Huel | Former Head Of Sustainability At Innocent Drinks | Former Sustainability Supply Manager for McDonald's

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