Josh Lenn - Keynote Speaker

Transformational Coach | Keynote Speaker | Founder of Bold & Confident

Josh is a transformational coach, speaker and founder of Bold & Confident. He is also a professional actor and artistic director. He was born and raised in the San Francisco bay area and now lives in Stockholm with his wife and three kids.

His mission is to help as many people as possible live bigger, bolder lives and let themselves fly. Around 2010 he started to combine his love of performing, presenting and coaching. Today he is working internationally, coaching thousands of professionals at all levels how to become better presenters and how to build better teams by embracing failure.

He is hired by some of the world’s most innovative companies such as Spotify, LEGO, H&M and many more, to help them change their mindset towards failure, be more bold, boost psychological safety and create environments where people can dare more.

Josh teaches presentation and collaboration at Stockholm School of Economics Executive MBA Program and is the #1 ranked speaker at Stockholm School of Economics Leadership Program.

As an actor he works in film, TV, video games, theatre and is regularly on stage performing improv. He is the Artistic Director of International Theater Stockholm, which is an award winning theatre company in Sweden.

Josh recently performed at TEDx Stockholm for a second time.

Popular topics: Mindset | Motivational | Be Bold | Team Building | Embracing Failure and Learning from it | Innovation | Boosting Psychological Safety & Making YOU Perform | Fail Gloriously – The Way to Success

Josh Lenn

Transformational Coach | Keynote Speaker | Founder of Bold & Confident

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