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Kalle Ulff is a young creative, designer and keynote speaker. With a energetic and curious attitude, Kalle has been working with big and small organisations on branding, identity design and consulting in different forms for over a decade.

Kalle is a sought after keynote speaker on creativity and branding. Kalle Ulff shares his thoughts and ideas with great knowledge, passion and humour. Each talk strives to give both inspiration but also actionable tips for building brands that inspire and ignite emotion.

In elementary school he started his first business (a local magazine). Later this business turned into an advertising agency that went on to winning a bunch of prices and working with big local organisations.

Popular topics: The hunt for creativity | The key to great design & business | Stop doing sh*t advertising – start designing a brand | How standardisation will kill you – and how to kill it first

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Kalle Ulff

Young Creative

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