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Expert on Future of Work & Talent management

Conscious of the growing interest from Human Resources in measuring competence at work, Karen Moloney is Founder and Director of Moloney Minds, a company she set up in order to concentrate on thinking, writing, speaking, and working with a smaller group of select clients worldwide.

“As a young woman, growing a successful business from nothing to turning over a million pounds was an achievement in itself, but collecting an enviable client list along the way has been a delight”

Karen Moloney has developed particular theories on the use and abuse of talent and now advises global corporate, so they can be ready with the right talent in the right place at the right time. As a business psychologist with an interest in human difference, Karen´s approach tends to be pragmatic based on sound experience of what works in the companies and what doesn´t. She takes a long hard and critical look at such issues like diversity and performance pay and smashes a few management myths along the way.

Karen’s work over the past couple of years has included advising companies on attracting and retaining their top talent, the building of emotional capital within organizations, the development of competency frameworks as a culture change tool, and the creation of career and personal development opportunities to retain individuals.

Karen is a meticulously prepared speaker, provocative, humorous, and captivating, supporting her arguments with stories, anecdotes, and real-world tales of how to navigate the human resources labyrinth.

Popular topics: The Future of Work | Bedrooms and Boardrooms: A worker’s guide to sanity | Learning Venusian: The challenge to the male stereotype in business leadership | Work in 2020 | Talent Management | HR Competency Framework | Diversity and Gender Differences

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Karen Moloney

Expert on Future of Work & Talent management

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