Kate Brandt - Keynote Speaker

Google’s Sustainability Officer & Obama’s Former Environmental Executive

Kate Brandt has had an influential impact on some of the world’s biggest organisations, with regards to environmental responsibility. The former Cambridge University graduate has dedicated her professional career to making an impact both for governments and corporate clients and championing greener business practices. As a speaker, Kate expands on her extensive industry experience to educate audiences on the importance of climate action and how to adopt futureproofed strategies, that support profits and the natural world.

As a Sustainability Officer, Kate Brandt is at the forefront of the war against climate change. A pinnacle figure in Google’s climate-friendly action plan, Kate has worked with the American government and market-leading corporate organisations to revolutionise their business operations. Kate is a successful TEDtalk speaker, with her presentation gaining tens of thousands of views. Titled A World Without Waste, she explains how every Google search costs the planet, and how innovation, AI and recycling can reduce the environmental pressure of technology.

Prior to entering the corporate sphere, Kate worked in senior government positions, advising on sustainable strategy. Previously, Kate was the first Federal Chief Sustainability Officer for the United States, appointed by President Obama as an expert in her field. Additionally, Kate was a Senior Advisor to the Department of Energy, Policy Analyst for the Office of Energy and Climate Change and an Energy Advisor to the Secretary of the Navy. In recognition of her work, Kate was awarded the Distinguished Public Service Award, the highest civilian honour given in the US Navy.

As a speaker, Kate brings years of expertise at the highest level of influence in the public and private sector. From spearheading sustainable policies to championing lasting corporate change, Kate has been named amongst the Top 46 Sustainability Leaders by Forbes, with good reason. A champion of change, Kate is the ideal speaker to transform your audience and business potential with sustainability at the forefront.

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Kate Brandt

Google’s Sustainability Officer & Obama’s Former Environmental Executive

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