Katja Toropainen - Keynote Speaker

Founder, Inklusiiv

Katja is the founder of Inklusiiv, a non-profit with a mission to advance diversity and inclusion in working life. Katja is also an angel investor part of Atomico Angel Programme 2020, award-winning public speaker, writer and columnist.

Prior to Inklusiiv, Katja was the Chief Curator in the leadership team at Slush, European startup and tech event. She was in charge of the content curation, program coordination and speaker operations for the event with 20,000+ attendees. In her role she followed closely global startup, technology and venture capital trends across Europe and the US and was active in startup networks in the San Francisco Bay Area, London and in the Nordics.

Before Slush, Katja has worked in management consulting and financial services. Katja holds a Master’s Degree from Aalto University School of Business and has also completed studies in the fields of engineering and arts at Aalto University.

Katja was recognized as one of the 100 most impactful and influential figures in the Nordic startup and technology scene in 2018 by the Nordic Web. In 2019, she was selected as one of the 100 most influential people in IT in Finland by Tivi and recognized on the Future Influencers -list by Yle Kioski.


Why Does Diversity & Inclusion Matter

Why diversity and inclusion matters in tech

Social Impact of the Technology Industry

Popular topics: Why diversity and inclusion matters in tech | Why we have a diversity and inclusion deficit in technology and what to do about it

Katja Toropainen

Katja Toropainen

Founder, Inklusiiv

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