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Laura Kankaala - Keynote Speaker

Security Researcher

Laura Kankaala is a Security Researcher, white hat hacker and a keynote speaker. Laura became familiar to the Finnish TV audience in the documentary series Team Whack, in which she and two of her friends hack into different targets, such as a YouTuber’s life, car and IoT devices.

“World can be fixed– one hack at a time.” -Laura Kankaala

Laura has worked as a security consultant in companies such as KPMG and F-Secure, but nowadays she is a researcher, uncovering novel ways vulnerabilities in web applications to make Internet a better place. After sitting by the computer most of her life, she now also wants to shed light to Information Security issues via her podcast called “We need to talk about InfoSec”. Laura is also part of the organizing group of Disobey, the biggest hacker and InfoSec event in the Nordics.

Popular topics: I stole your identity, what can you do about it? | Price of a Digital Identity | Operational Security for Hackers and Hacker-alike

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Laura Kankaala

Security Researcher

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