Lisa Bodell - Keynote Speaker

Innovation and Change expert

Lisa Bodell is a globally recognized futurist and innovation expert. She sparks new and creative thinking at every turn. She is the CEO of futurethink, a firm that trains businesses in how to become world-class innovators. She is an award-winning author and has helped ignite innovation at the NYSE, Pfizer, Google and Lockheed Martin, to name a few.

In her dynamic talks, keynotes, and presentations, she empowers audiences with thought-provoking examples as well as practical techniques that ignite innovation immediately. Through her work with and study of the culture of thousands of companies, innovation and change expert Bodell has learned the most effective way for organizations to innovate, and how transformational change really happens.  A leader on simplifying change and innovation management, speaker Lisa Bodell, is often called upon by global companies to help them eradicate workplace complexity, killing their ability to innovate and adapt.


Popular topics: Business Development | New Thinking and Innovation | Impact Leadership | Entrepreneurship | Future and Innovation

Lisa Bodell

Innovation and Change expert

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