Lital Marom - Keynote Speaker

Serial Entrepreneur & Expert on Digital Innovation

Lital Marom is a serial entrepreneur, corporate innovation driver, frequent keynote speaker and seasoned lecturer. She led the global strategy and sales of multibillion-dollar corporations. Now she brings her experience and on-going immersive research to executive teams.
Lital provides practical and well researched strategies to business leaders which will transform and future-proof their business. She helps organisations to embrace completely new ways to grow their business and to position themselves for exponential growth, leveraging data strategies and exponential technologies.

Lital Marom is an internationally recognized keynote speaker, serial entrepreneur and thought leader on innovation and the future of work.
Lital Marom challenges current and future leaders to develop a bolder vision for human potential. She believes that from human potential springs business potential, and it should be used to create a more sustainable, inclusive future.

Popular topics: • The Platform Economy: Platforms Shaping Industry Structures • Digital Innovation: Exponential Technology and Scale • Emerging Technologies (AI, Blockchain, Deep Learning, IoT) • Creative Leadership • The Future of Work


Lital Marom

Serial Entrepreneur & Expert on Digital Innovation

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