Luc Julia - Keynote Speaker

Co-creator of Apple's SIRI & Artificial Intelligence expert

Human-machine interaction specialist, Luc Julia, is credited as one of the masterminds behind Apple’s SIRI, a virtual assistant that revolutionised mobile innovation. As an innovation speaker, Luc has the industry experience and technological insight to captivate audiences all over the world. With over two decades of industry experience, Luc comprised a novel titled Artificial Intelligence Does not Exist. As a speaker, he expands upon this field of subject, discussing with audiences about the future of AI and much more. According to him, AI cannot supplant man’s intelligence, nor man’s ability to create or innovate.

It is no surprise that Luc has received numerous respectable awards. Among others, he was named the leader in AI Innovation at the  French-American business awards and was in the top 100 most influential French developers in the world. An event featuring Luc is privileged to his extensive experience at the frontline of modern technology and innovation.

Upon graduation, Luc Julia moved to Silicon Valley in the USA where he started his career at SRI International. The aim was to  create the ‘Computer Human Interaction Center’ where together with his team, he succeeded in developing the first smart refrigerators and vehicles. He also took part in the launch of Nuance Communication in 1994. Nuance, a world leader in the field of speech recognition, develops solutions for various sectors including the automotive industry, healthcare and financial services amongst others.

Ten years of research later saw Luc Julia spend the next decade building up several startups, after which he worked for big companies in his field like HP, Apple, and Samsung. He took on the role of Chief Technologist at HP, was the former director if SIRI at Apple, and from 2012 to 2017, was CTO and VP Innovation for Samsung, leading the company’s vision and strategy for the internet of Things (ioT). These days Luc Julia works at Samsung’s new AI lab in Paris with the focus on making everyday products smarter.




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Luc Julia

Co-creator of Apple's SIRI & Artificial Intelligence expert

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