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Multi-award-winning journalist & producer Riku Rantala and director-producer Tuomas “Tunna” Milonoff are influential media personalities known for their global phenomenon called Madventures. The television program, which initially focused on backpacking, was sold from Finland to 200 countries and expanded to radio, non-fiction and social media.

Currently, 10 non-fiction books have been published and spin-off series such as the “Mad Cook Show” on the Finnish TV channel Nelonen have been created under the Madventures brand. The outspoken couple have given their support to many socially important topics and sparked discussion with for exmaple their popular Docventures crossmedia series for the Finnish Yleisradio.

In their speeches, these men try to share the lessons they have learned firsthand during their journey of millions of kilometers. They for example tackle the following topics:

How making one’s dreams come true, breaking one’s own limits and surviving at work is largely a matter of training?

What are the building blocks and benefits of an entrepreneurial attitude, overcoming one’s fears and successful teamwork?

They awaken the listeners to challenge themselves, encounter different cultures open-mindedly, and take time to understand the prevailing social and global situation in which we live. The speeches are accompanied by authentic videos and scenes that the two have come across during their travels. In their journey, the extremes of humor and movement of the listeners are tested – without straying too far from the topic at hand.

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Madventures – Riku and Tunna

Kansainväliset seikkailijat | Yhteiskunnalliset vaikuttajat

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