Marjo Rantanen - Keynote Speaker

Coach (CEO) | Author | Stand up -Comedy Star

Marjo Rantanen is a licensed coach in mood design and leadership, keynote speaker and writer. She believes that mood is the foundation on which all the success of a business is built. The days of managing issues instead of people is over. People – whether customers, partners or employees – need the right mood to thrive.

Marjo’s first book Tunnelmamuotoilu (“Mood Design”, Talentum Pro) was published in 2016, and her second book Tunnelmajohtaja (“Mood Leadership”, Alma Talent) came out in October 2018. Marjo Rantanen takes a look at what happens to the mood when people are added, and how a mood can be designed and managed. According to her findings, every employee in a company is a mood manager, not just the line managers or the senior management. With over a decade of business development and concept-building experience under her belt, Marjo has studied business and leadership at e.g. the Disney Institute.

Marjo is also a popular stand-up comedian and a producer at her own comedy club in Helsinki. Her jokes are smart, clean fun, and extremely hilarious. Marjo is a contagiously energetic and inspiring speaker, and with her charisma and comedic skills, she is able to turn any talk into a memorable experience. If your goal is to add real spark to your event, book Marjo.

Popular topics: Mood design in managing experiences and wellbeing | What happens to the mood when you walk in? | The manager of the future will manage the mood | Be a mood manager!

Marjo Rantanen

Marjo Rantanen

Coach (CEO) | Author | Stand up -Comedy Star

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