Mark Gallagher together with David Coulthard - Keynote Speaker

Mark Gallagher, Formula 1 Motor Racing Executive & David Coulthard, Former Top Formula 1 Racing Driver

Formula One is recognised around the world as providing a high speed, high risk spectacle, and Mark Gallagher provides clients with business insights from this compelling sport through tailored keynote presentations, workshops and moderated appearances by star drivers.

Achieving ambitious targets, building winning teams, creating an agile and innovative culture where the focus on performance is mirrored by effective risk management. This is a sport which offers businesses and organisations a wide range of learnings and take-aways.

Mark Gallagher and David Coulthard present as a duo both speaking together about their own experiences and insights on Formula 1 like leadership, team work, sustaining performance and continuous improvement.

The business lessons are brought to life;

•Through keynote speeches, presentations and interactive Q&A sessions with delegates

•Workshops designed to provoke discussion and generate valuable take-aways

•Moderated appearances by Formula One stars keen to share a winner’s perspective

They also provide supporting materials before any event, including photography, biographical materials and pre-event ’teaser video’

Forming the ultimate ‘double act’ with Mark Gallagher in 2012, David brings not only a winner’s insight to the task of driving yourself and your team to achieve excellence, but has first hand experience of handling the risks, technology, innovation and sacrifices required to compete at the highest level.

One thing has become very clear during the course of working at hundreds of business events across a wide range of industry sectors; content from Formula One can be tailored to suit any business theme or topics, primarily because Formula One itself is a business.

Leadership topics around building, leading and inspiring teams of people are often combined with insights into building resilience into a business, coping with adversity or the importance of celebrating successes.

Since Formula One’s leaders understand the importance of empowerment, adaptive leadership skills are often discussed; providing teams with the support they need, intervening when necessary, plus mentoring and coaching the next generation of leaders.

Popular topics: High Performance Teamwork | Data-Driven Performance | Safety & Risk Management | Change & Transformation | Leadership | Reaching your goals | The Challenges of F1

Mark Gallagher together with David Coulthard

Mark Gallagher, Formula 1 Motor Racing Executive & David Coulthard, Former Top Formula 1 Racing Driver

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