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Speaker | Trainer | Coach | Philosopher | Businessman

Martin Laschkolnig unites East and West, Business and Buddhism, Controlling and Meditation. His hunger for inner growth made him go to India after completing a Western business education. For three years he studied Buddhist philosophy with Tibetan monks and then peak performance, energy psychology and personal development in the USA. He has been using all of this for over 20 years in his companies. To date he has inspired audiences on 4 continents to a more fulfilling life with more joy, inner peace and better results in business and private life through his lectures, seminars and programs.

Martin Laschkolnig is the founder and director of the Institute for the Development for Potential in Linz, Austria. He is an expert on success, self-esteem and self-confidence and their impact on managers and their teams. With his compelling and inspiring presentations and seminars in German and English, he has already inspired audiences in Europe, North America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Full of humour, inspiring and yet well-founded, professional speaker Martin Laschkolnig conveys proven content and strategies on how to make more of your life, navigate the inevitable change, become a better leader and experience less stress at the same time. Working with Martin will also be a less stressful experience for event organisers, because working with Martin Laschkolnig is easy and professional before, during and after the event.

Combining an economic education and entrepreneurial background with years of studies in Buddhist Philosophy and Theory of Perception with Tibetan monks in India led to a new and different approach to view and solve our problems.

Since 2003 Martin Laschkolnig is a representative of the International Council for Self-Esteem in Austria. The Council is a worldwide not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of the importance of self-esteem and self-confidence for everyone in our societies, from infants to adults, in schools, families and the business world.

He created several programmes like “Miracle Confidence – with 5 steps to self-motivated employees“ which help companies to create an environment in the enterprise that allows for maximum confidence among employees. This has advantages not only for the employees but makes a lot of economic sense as well. Studies have shown that this will lead to an engaged workforce with a high emotional bonding to the company, less sick leaves and absences, lower error and accident rates, increased retention of employees AND customers and the closing rate goes up.

His latest programs are addressing how to handle the flow of life in uncertain times and are called “Trusting the Flow of Life” and “Serenity in Leadership” which shows practical and simple approaches to be a more effective leader in leading yourself and others when change is immanent and unavoidable. It’s amazing how effective one can become when one stops resisting life and how to get into being carried by the flow of life and deals with letting go of drama and stress and moving from (even deep) crisis into inner peace not only in theory but also using a simple process that can be integrated in everyone’s daily life.

Popular topics: Paradigm Shift: Purpose | Moving Mountains Together | Strong From Within - Miracle “Confidence” | The “Stress-Be-Gone” Formula - Relief Is Just a Tap Away | Leadership | Business | Health & Wellbeing | Motivation

Martin Laschkolnig

Speaker | Trainer | Coach | Philosopher | Businessman

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