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Mika Sutinen is an enterpreneur and seasoned CEO recognized for creativity and passion for excellent leardership. After selling his last company Musti Group to swedish PE company EQT, Mika took the third career and works as a professional chairman in total 7 companies and as industrial partner at PE firm Vaaka Partner.

Mika Sutinen has been recognised during latest with following awards:
Businessperson of the year 2017
Marketing director of the year 2017
Best company to work for 2016, large companies (Musti Group)
Best customer experience in Finland 2017 (Musti Group)

Mika’s is best known leading change, especially leadership in major transformations why this is what he is asked to speak the most. A special topic during last two years has been power of learning from mistakes, out of which Mika wrote a best-selling book called Mahtava Moka (direct translation “Fantastic F**k up”) together with Vincit CEO Mikko Kuitunen.

Popular topics: Change Leadership | Fantastic F**k up - the systemic skill of learning from mistakes

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Mika Sutinen

Industrial Partner

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