Mikko Alasaarela - Keynote Speaker

Impact Entrepreneur | Community Builder | Open AI & Data | Algorithmic Influence

Mikko Alasaarela is an impact-focused AI entrepreneur. He has founded and invested in several tech startups that have raised over $30M and employed over 700 people in Finland, Germany, and the USA. Mikko has lived a significant part of his life internationally in London, San Francisco, and Berlin. He has authored multiple international patents, won the 2006 Red Dot Design Award and 2018 Global Blockchain Competition in Artificial Intelligence category.

Mikko is a thought leader with a large social media following and a world-leading expert in algorithmic influence. Tens of millions of people globally have viewed Mikko’s writings during the past three years. In his speeches, Mikko explores the frontiers of technology and global trends, challenges the worldviews of his audience, and offers multiple “eureka moments” of sudden discovery. He speaks about often complex matters in an approachable and easy-to-understand way.

Mikko Alasaarela has spoken at many international conferences including Web Summit, CeBit, Electronica, Tech Open Air, Arctic 15 among others; private leadership events, and companies like Nokia, Visma, Deutsche Telekom, BASF, Innogy, YLE, Sitra. Mikko has also advised the Finnish Parliament on artificial intelligence strategy.


Popular topics: How to make friends and influence people in the age of AI | How open data can change the game for artificial intelligence | Internet of Value: the platform for autonomous AIs.


Mikko Alasaarela

Impact Entrepreneur | Community Builder | Open AI & Data | Algorithmic Influence

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