Nadja Swarovski - Keynote Speaker

Member of the Swarovski Executive Board and Chair of the Swarovski Foundation

Nadja Swarovski is an Executive Board member of Swarovski Crystal Business and Chairperson of the Swarovski Foundation. Nadja studied Art History and Foriegn Languages at Southern Methodist University in Texas before going to study at Sotheby’s Institute of Art and the Gemological Institute of America in New York. She then started her career at the Gagosian Gallery followed by working for renowned fashion PR Eleanor Lambert. Nadja joined the family company founded by her great-great-grandfather Daniel Swarovski in 1995, she is the first female Member of the Executive Board at Swarovski Crystal Business. Since joining she has positioned the Swarovski brand as a leading force in the fashion industry and an enabler of creativity.

She has driven collaborations with major fashion houses, and supported emerging talent as well as significant industry exhibitions and events. Through her work, she has established the brand and herself as a patron of creativity and an enabler of young talent. Since 2012, Nadja has spearheaded Swarovski’s sustainability strategy and overseen the company’s corporate social responsibility initiatives. She has directed the company so that design and manufacturing prioritise sustainable and ethical practices, while aligning Swarovski’s efforts with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Swarovski crystals are recognised as the greenest on the market due to the company’s longstanding commitment to ethical and sustainable practices throughout its manufacturing processes.

Nadja has been internationally recognised as a businesswoman and philanthropist, receiving various awards including most recently the Global Fashion Business Leader Award at the Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards, Outstanding Individual at the Luxury Briefing awards and the Fellowship Award from the Society of British and International Design as well as being honoured by the CFDA for Swarovski’s outstanding contribution to the industry. Nadja set up the Swarovski Foundation in 2013 to support charitable initiatives and organizations working in three areas: culture and creativity, promoting human empowerment and conserving natural resources. In addition, she champions gender equality on international platforms and uses the company’s brand visibility to promote women’s empowerment.

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Nadja Swarovski

Member of the Swarovski Executive Board and Chair of the Swarovski Foundation

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