Penny Mallory - Keynote Speaker

Top Motivational Speaker | Psychological Performance Coach | Former Rally Champion

Penny Mallory is a former British Rally Championship driver and also the first and only women to compete in a Word Rally Car. Now Penny is a performance coach and one of the top UK female motivational speakers. Penny is a remarkable motivational speaker due to her experiences in life and her ability to make the impossible possible. From the young age of fourteen she had to flee home after alcoholism and mental illness destroyed her family. Living alone on the streets of London exposed her to many dangerous and bleak situations yet her inner strength and self belief enabled her to take control of her future.

Penny’s keynotes promote action from her audience. Alongside telling her own inspirational story, she challenges the audience to commit to several tasks (some more pleasant than others) to build their Mental Toughness immediately. That means people can better cope with extreme pressure and stress, meet insane targets and deadlines and build a more productive, successful and happy team.

It is Penny’s wide range of experiences in sport, adventure and business that have made her keynotes acclaimed international favourites for many of the world’s most powerful and storied brands. She knows from personal experience that top performance requires much more than sacrifice and maximum commitment. It also takes heart, insight and the courage to keep going and refusing to quit.

Years of being immersed in a world of intense competition and pressure, surrounded by World Class performers, Penny’s obsession with Elite Performance set in. She discovered, first hand, what it takes to be at the top of your game; to beat the best.

In today’s ever more competitive environment where only the best will do, Penny Mallory has perfected the art of Psychologically-Powered Performance to bring out the very best in you. No secret sauce or overused buzzwords, for championship teams (including F1) to top organisations, from individuals and workshops to International audiences, her engagingly authentic but wildly entertaining vision of optimised performance and positive change sets her apart.

Penny Mallory is a TEDX speaker, and also author of ‘World Class Thinking, World Class Behaviour’ and ‘Take Control of Your Life’.

Popular topics: Enlightened Leadership | Creating Exceptional Confidence | World Class Thinking | Moving from Ambition to Achievement | Increasing Resilience for Powerful Results | Mindset | Mental Toughness | Team Performance | Building & Leading a World Class Team

Penny Mallory

Top Motivational Speaker | Psychological Performance Coach | Former Rally Champion

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