Peter Hinssen - Keynote Speaker

Acclaimed Author and Serial Entrepreneur

Peter Hinssen is one of Europe’s thought leaders on the impact of technology on our society. He has moved on from a deep passion for all things technology to believing that digital is ‘merely’ a spark, an enabler and that networks are the true drivers of progress.

His presentations are always a wake-up call, making you think about things differently. Peter Hinssen is a born entertainer, mixing humor with personal anecdotes and insights in the way IT and business work. Peter shares his focus on the consumer adoption of technology, on the impact of the networked digital society and on the alignment between business and IT. He helps organisations to understand and leverage how digital has disrupted entire industries and business models. Through disruptive, organisational and digital inspiration, he helps them to survive the fast flowing network our environment has become and shows them how they can thrive in it.

Peter has a master’s degree in Telecommunications and Electronic Engineering from Ghent University, Belgium. After graduating he joined Alcatel Telecom working in the Multimedia Research Centre. He was involved in the design and implementation of Interactive Television. He collaborates with organisations in the areas of IT Strategy, Transformation, Fusion and Coaching around the world. He is the Co-founder of Across Group and Chairman of Across Technology and is currently involved as a coach to executives to develop perspectives on the future and how to drive innovation. Peter lectures at various business schools in Europe like the London Business School, is a Senior Industry Fellow at the ‘Center for Digital Transformation’ of the ‘The Paul Merage School of Business’ at UC Irvine and functions as a board advisor on disruptive and digital innovation.

Popular topics: How to Become a Phoenix: Reinventing for the Never Normal World | The Hourglass Model: Balancing Existing Business with Radical Innovation | The New Normal in the Global Technological Landscape | Models of Disruption and Models of Corporate Innovation that Work | The Future of Work | Leadership, Psychological Safety, and Cognitive Diversity | The Geopolitics of Technology | The Future of Society, the Tension Between the Individual and the Collective

Peter Hinssen

Acclaimed Author and Serial Entrepreneur

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