Risto Kuulasmaa - Keynote Speaker

Prolific Entrepreneur | Executive in Media & Startups

Risto Kuulasmaa is a prolific entrepreneur and executive in media and startups.

He is a senior advisor connecting the dots between the worlds of business, entertainment, and arts. Risto is working between Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and Helsinki.

Risto has co-founded Tubecon influencer event network organizing arena-sized YouTuber events and influencer marketing services in multiple European markets. The largest Tubecon events gather up to 18.000 visitors.

Risto has worked as a television producer, television network executive, executive event producer, production company CEO, seed-stage investor, and in various consulting and advisory positions and is currently volunteering as a board member at UNICEF Finland.

Risto Kuulasmaa is driven by innovation connected to purpose and meaning. He is a founding member at Inner Peace Network organizing Wisdom in Business events in Amsterdam and New York. These events cover themes such as Conscious Leadership, Power of Doing Good, and Stress-free Organisations. Risto is a board member at UNICEF Finland.

In Finland, he is mostly known as a producer behind Duudsonit, Madventures, and Docventures.

Popular keynotes and workshop themes:


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Popular topics: Creativity | Media | Mindfulness and conscious leadership

Risto Kuulasmaa

Prolific Entrepreneur | Executive in Media & Startups

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