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Pilot | Author | Keynote Speaker

Robert Karjel is a helicopter pilot and a lieutenant colonel in the Swedish Air Force. His job as a helicopter pilot has taken him all over the world, from peace-keeping in Afghanistan to pirate-hunting in Somalia. He has written several books and is a much-appreciated keynote speaker.

Robert lectures on subjects such as leadership, organizational development, how to create successful teams, and change management. He provides insights and inspiration on how to take an “impossible” task, breaking it down and managing it – without losing the big picture. He shares his leadership experience and shows how to get an organization, as well as an individual employee, to successfully face new tasks, despite difficult external and internal environments. By changing the focus on the individual’s fear of failure to a goal-focused, sense of wanting to archive something great, you can create successful organizations and teams.

Robert Karjel is an inspirational storyteller with a unique experience and a passion to create change. He lectures in English and Swedish.

Popular topics: Leadership under pressure | To deliver under pressure | When we need to go beyond


Robert Karjel

Pilot | Author | Keynote Speaker

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