Said Baaghil - Keynote Speaker

Brand Marketing Strategist

Said Baaghil. a brand marketing strategist, brand activist and author, is currently developing marketing strategies for several reputable companies in the Middle East. He continues to be a passionate and effective voice through blogs, lectures and articles on how marketing should be perceived in the Middle East.

His passion for brand marketing drove him to engage audiences in the Middle East and elsewhere such as the United States and Asia. Throughout his career, he has encountered great clients and fellow marketers. He unveils how to use emerging techniques for building strong and international brands. Energetic, exciting, provocative, Said skilfully combines expert knowledge and research with anecdotal and shocking truths. He’s a consummate story-teller, engaging his audience at every level.

Baaghil’s dedicated pursuit of innovation and remarkable results have earned him the position of the most respected strategic marketer in the Gulf Region. His consultancy portfolio covers various businesses from fashion industry, food retail concerns, FMCGs and Financial Capital Houses. Upon launching his career as a marketing strategy consultant in Saudi Arabia, he created and ran the company Logic. In the heart of a marketing demographic in which conformity rules and innovation is shunned, he implemented radical marketing strategies that resulted in a series of exceptional consumer-centric brands in the food and beverage industry. During his time at Logic, he became all the more determined to illuminate and transform local marketing practices.

Popular topics: Marketing | Brand Marketing | Strategy | Innovation | Think Global, Act Global

Said Baaghil

Brand Marketing Strategist

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