Sally Uren - Keynote Speaker

CEO of Forum for the Future | Appointed OBE for Services to Sustainability

A key figure in the acceleration of sustainability in business, Sally Uren is working passionately to create transformational change which will ensure a more environmentally friendly future. Currently working with Forum for the Future, Sally has worked on numerous projects involving everything from cotton to rainforest regeneration and is now a popular choice as a keynote speaker for corporate events. As a speaker, Sally has spoken at countless events with speeches on systems, solutions, catalysing transformational change and sustainability.

Sally is sought to cover her expertise of sustainability and how businesses can orchestrate systematic changes so their businesses too can become more sustainable. With expertise crossing the sectors of food, retail and energy, Sally is the perfect speaker for a variety of corporate clients and covers topics of system change, mainstreaming sustainability in business and sustainable brands.

Currently the CEO of Forum for the Future, Sally Uren is helping organisations to ensure that their business practices are sustainable and work to create a future that is more sustainable for all. From food to energy and clothing, Sally helps clients across numerous sectors to honour sustainability in their business models, allowing them to deliver systematic change to achieve such sustainability. Sally is also a key board member, including the likes of Kimberly Clarke and Burberry.

Before forging her successful career, Sally achieved degrees in Biology and a PhD in Environmental Sciences from Imperial College London. During her studies, Sally was the founder and Environmental Manager of Castella Stranger. Emphasising her passions for environmental sustainability with the environmental management group, Sally later was appointed as the Deputy CEO of Forum for the Future in 2002. As deputy, Sally was responsible for the communications of the business and helped others to understand how they could create solutions to challenges of sustainability.

Alongside currently working as the CEO of Forum for the Future, Sally is also a judge for the Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development and is spearheading the development of the School of System Change. She is also working on programmes such as Cotton 2040, Tea 2030 and Net Positive, all missions to see the reach of sustainable products and practises extended in the market. Sally has also been honoured with an appointment as OBE during the 2017 New Year Honours, commended for her Services to Sustainability.

Popular topics: System Change | Mainstreaming Sustainability in Business | Sustainable Business Models | Sustainable Retail | Sustainable Brands | Sustainable Food and Agriculture | Innovation & Creativity

Sally Uren

CEO of Forum for the Future | Appointed OBE for Services to Sustainability

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