Sani Leino - Keynote Speaker

Social Selling & Sales Coach

Sani Leino is an advocate of social selling, and he is known as an energising and engaging sales coach and motivational speaker. He is a pioneering coach in emotionally intelligent and social selling.

Sani has a successful track record of over ten years of award-winning achievements in B2B and B2C sales, with special expertise in the ICT, telecom and retail sectors. Over the past ten years, Sani has worked for companies such as Toyota, Gigantti, DNA, and Rainmaker in various sales roles. Most recently, Sani worked as a sales director at ThingLink Europe, where he was in charge of B2B sales and building the international partner programme and reseller network. Since 2017, Sani has worked as CEO and sales coach for his own business, SALES Consulting, helping companies modernise their sales processes.

In 2016, Sani Leino ranked among top 100 social selling influencers in the world, and he is the only Finn who contributed to the creation of the Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Selling, the world’s first official qualification in social selling.

Popular topics: Social Selling | Efficient use of social media for business | Expert branding – how to sell your expertise online | Five-star customer experience – how to turn customers into fans | Social enterprise – keep up, the world is changing | Interaction and first impressions – how to convince your listener | Digitalisation in sales and marketing | AI in sales – threat or opportunity? | Unlearning – how to get rid of old beliefs and attitudes

Sani Leino

Sani Leino

Social Selling & Sales Coach

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