Seth Mattison - Keynote Speaker

Expert on Workforce Trends | Business Strategist | Keynote Speaker

Seth Mattison is an internationally recognized thought leader, advisor, and top rated keynote speaker on talent management, change and innovation, digital transformation, leadership, and the future of work.

His research, case studies, and thought leadership focus on inspiring audiences while sharing actionable strategies to drive meaningful outcomes for individuals and their organizations. He also coaches high performing leaders with practical, life-tested ideas, concepts, and frameworks to elevate their impact and create lasting legacies.

Seth Mattison works with category leading brands, institutions, influencers, and leaders to help facilitate a shift in consciousness around what work, influence, and leadership will mean in the 21st Century and the role individuals can play in intentionally creating meaningful careers and companies that bring deep value to the world as we navigate the era of digital transformation.

Words are one of the most powerful forces available to humanity. The have the power to transform, transcend, and transport us all. As a workforce strategist, future of work expert and keynote speaker, Seth Mattison harnesses the power of words to ignite action and impact in support of clients confidently meeting their moment of transformation and building organizations and teams ready for the future of work.

As a researcher, speaker, advisor, author, and entrepreneur, Seth blends deep, real-world experience and data with inspiring storytelling to support leadership teams and their organizations as they navigate the emerging forces impacting the future of work.

As we move into a Post-Covid world of work, the themes of leadership, culture, resilience, and performance all take on new meanings. What does leadership in the future of work look like? What experiences will matter most to employees? Where will we do our best work? How will the approaching sansdemic transform the labor market? Keynote Speaker and Future of Work Expert Seth Mattison will help you answer these questions and more.

Delivering inspiring and actionable live and virtual experiences to drive meaningful outcomes, future of work strategist and keynote speaker Seth brings the ideal balance of authentic vulnerability, inspiring energy, customized insights and practical applications to audiences of every size. Whether it’s an arena of 10,000, a workshop of 25, or a virtual event with your remote workforce, Seth will create the experience to match the moment.

In addition to speaking, Seth is the founder and CEO of FutureSight Labs, an org design and transformation firm that supports many of the world’s most inspiring leaders by helping prepare themselves and their organizations for the future of work through research, training, advising, coaching, digital tools, and thought leadership.

Popular topics: The Emerging Future: Building Future-Ready Organizations and High Performing Cultures to Compete and Win in The Decade Ahead | The Heart of Business: The Secret and the Science to Influencing and Leading During Times of Transformation | The Human Connection: Harnessing the Power of Belonging to Activate High Performance and Organizational Resiliency | Leading High-Performance Virtual Teams: Strategies for Succeeding with a Remote Workforce | The Future-Ready Seller: Elevating Influence and Impacting the Client Experience of the Future to Scale and Grow the Business | The Future-Ready Advisor: Elevating Influence and Impacting the Client Experience of the Future to Scale and Grow the Business

Seth Mattison

Expert on Workforce Trends | Business Strategist | Keynote Speaker

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