Sunny Grosso - Keynote Speaker

Lead Consultant and Culture Chief at Delivering Happiness | Inspiring Speaker

Sunny Grosso has spent a colourful career building relationship, from sake trainings in California to coaching teams around the world. Sunny joined Delivering Happiness to build and expand the coaching team. She now holds the role of Coaching & Culture Chief, leading the team to create more successful companies through sustainable workplace change and the science of happiness.

Sunny is on a mission to inspire others to live BIG by being true to themselves and following their purpose. She is passionate about realizing this through positive work cultures. An ORSC trained coach (Organizational Relationships Systems), Sunny – the “Culture Godmother” – guides audiences in ensuring their values are aligned and they walk their talk.

Sunny Grosso brings her diverse background, enthusiastic approach, and proven methods to deliver genuine outcomes, tapping into highs and lows to create cultures that adapt and thrive through changing times.

For over a decade, Sunny has been inspiring and impacting organizations around the world, bringing her expertise to 20 countries and hundreds of teams. She is leading the charge for more purposeful organizations that create better human experiences, leading to greater business results. As a founding member of DH, she launched the approach that helped propel them to a global brand using her expertise in wellbeing and experience as one of the world’s first happiness consultants. She is also the co-founder of East+West Wellness, CEO of Culture Trails, and founder of SunYoga.

As the Culture Chief at DH, Sunny co-built the model, developed the approach and led the services team. She is one of the few Core Coaches and is personally responsible for improving the culture at hundreds of organizations around the world. But her real “street cred” comes from her role as a one of the world’s first happiness consultants and culture experts. She has been an impassioned thought leader in the culture movement and featured in books such as The Decoded Company and publications like Fast Company.

Popular topics: Start Scaling and Sustaining Culture for the Future of Work | ME Values: First Steps to a Values-Based Culture | Culture is an Animal | The Impact of Higher Purpose | Happiness in Leadership | Make Happy Work for YOU: Activating the Science of Happiness at Work | WOW Customer Service

Sunny Grosso

Lead Consultant and Culture Chief at Delivering Happiness | Inspiring Speaker

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