Teemu Karppinen - Keynote Speaker

Professional coach specialised in mental performance

Teemu Karppinen is a professional coach who is specialised to mental and physical performance, stress management and interaction skills. He leads executive teams and employees to better results in his coaching, training and lectures.

According to his coaching philosophy, success of a company is a by-product of wellbeing. The performance of a company starts from the performance of an individual and companies should support this in all possible ways. Hundreds of professionals from executives and top athletes to coaches have participated his popular coaching sessions. He has been training in numerous organisations. His clients have been Aalto University, IBM Dublin, Pöyry Switzerland Ltd, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Valmet Technologies, Veho and Kesko.

He is the head of training programs and coach at Suomen Mentoritiimi Oy, which is founded by Ph.D. Harri Gustafsberg. In addition to his business degrees, he is Mind Coach® Certified Trainer, MB-Master Life Coach and Trainer Lab personal trainer. In the book Situational awareness – Make a better decision by Ph.D. Helena Åhman and Harri Gustafsberg, he explains how to maximize energy levels and build better habits.

Popular topics: Strengthening mental performance in the organization | Individual stress management gateway to success | Practical holistic wellbeing | Success of a company is a by-product of wellbeing | Four elements that build individual’s performance and wellbeing | When individual’s abilities increase, challenging expectations will decrease | Wellbeing of supervisors | Let’s learn how to enjoy winning habits and the goals will follow

Teemu Karppinen

Teemu Karppinen

Professional coach specialised in mental performance

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