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Global creative director | Creativity Expert | Author | Keynote Speaker

Speaker Timo Kiuru is a creative and disruptive innovator expert transforming organizations for growth. 

Timo Kiuru is a global creative director. He travels the world to speak to professional audiences and his observations are published in a number of international publications. Timo Kiuru was recognized with the global 40 under 40 industry award in 2016.


“Beauty is the highest form of hope.” -Timo Kiuru


Timo Kiuru is a seasoned creativity executive specializing in experiential design and leading creativity with almost 15 years’ experience transforming global brands. Timo helps businesses become and remain relevant though state-of- the art concepts, boundary-pushing design and authentic brand experiences. Inspiring businesses to embrace the unknown and do something different.

Timo Kiuru thinks that the mentality of an artist is to never hold back. To create art that reveals something hidden in both the maker and the observer. By bringing this passion of an artist into design and marketing, Timo helps businesses push aside mediocrity and become truly innovative. Timo has worked with global brands such as Samsung, SK-II, McLaren, Microsoft, Mini, The Huff Post, TheCoolHunter, Highsnobiety, Nokia, Kit and Ace and Sporty & Rich.

As a public speaker Timo Kiuru is invited to address business, corporate, government and nonprofit organizations throughout the world. Timo’s presentations are fast-paced, engaging, visually striking and thought-provoking.

Timo has spoken to professional audiences in cities as diverse as Edinburg, Rovaniemi, Miami, Stockholm, Riga, Vilnius, Las Vegas, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Kiev, Munich, Moscow, Madrid, Rotterdam, Kiev, Tallinn, Porto, and Toronto.

Timo’s third book titled I See Something Special In You is coming out in fall 2022.

”Timo Kiuru is a creativity guru.” – CONNECT CORPORATE MAGAZINE

”From our pre-conference conversations, to his execution on stage, Timo demonstrated an impeccable level of professionalism. His keynote was insightful and thought provoking. Timo is a charismatic individual who obviously enjoys sharing his knowledge and knows how to captivate his audience.” – INHORGENTA MUNICH




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Timo Kiuru

Global creative director | Creativity Expert | Author | Keynote Speaker

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