Tomi Kaukinen - Keynote Speaker

The man with a Licence to Fail

The name, “the man with a Licence to fail”, stems from when Tomi sat on his balcony in the summer of 2018. He had left the company he founded due to burnout and its accompanied depression. He finally had to admit it to himself that it was ok to fail. But instead of clinging on to his failures, he embraced them. And Licence to Fail was born.

Tomi talks about learning to accept failure as a part of his life. His talks take us on rollercoaster-like rides throughout his life from a cleaner in the Stockholm Subway system to the most prestigious business school in Sweden, Stockholm School of Economics. How he quit his well-paid job in fund management to become a tech start-up founder, eventually ending up fulfilling his life-long dream of working with the biggest football clubs in the world, and how hi finally hit the wall and left everything behind, only to start a new career.

His journey is that of a man searching for meaning, and finally finding it, not in constant performance, but speaking.

“We have too many prejudices about what other people do and think. I want to remove the culture of fear from people’s lives by showing my own vulnerability and mistakes I’ve made along the way. I’ve made mistakes, but hey, here I am, alive and kicking. It’s time to make modern age more humane. Through humor and experience. If you can’t laugh ar your own mistakes, you can’t live a full life!”

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TOmi Kaukinen

Tomi Kaukinen

The man with a Licence to Fail

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